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Implant Dentures - East Brunswick, NJ

Do your traditional dentures slip or fall out at times? Do they cause issues with speaking and eating? If you are frustrated with the deficiencies of your dentures—or you are looking for a long-term smile correction option—then we recommend implant dentures from our East Brunswick, NJ dentist.

What are implant dentures?

Model of implant denture baseImplant dentures are secured via titanium posts. There are two general types of standard implant dentures: removable and fixed. Both use the same implant procedures, but the difference is that fixed implant dentures cannot be taken out. We will assess the correct treatment plan for you, and help you choose implant dentures that can either be removed or remain a permanent part of your smile.

Why should I get implant dentures?

The jawbone’s primary purpose is to support your teeth. If there are no teeth, then the bone slowly begins to resorb. If all the natural teeth in your upper or lower arches have been completely replaced by dentures, then you are suffering from bone loss. The only way to stop bone loss is to recreate tooth roots and reengage the purpose of the jawbone. Since dental implants are made from titanium, which is a biocompatible material, the bone treats them the same as real tooth roots. Bone will fuse around the implants and keep your jaw strong and healthy.