Root Canals & Oral Surgery

As our patient, you don’t have to worry. We’ll take care of you! The team at East Brunswick Family and Implant Dentistry can perform almost all necessary treatments—including root canals and oral surgery.

Root Canals

If your tooth is severely decayed or suffering from infection, then you’ll benefit from root canal therapy. A root canal will rid your tooth of diseased tissue, and in most cases, save your tooth.

You might need a root canal if:

  • You’re experiencing toothache pain, especially when chewing.
  • Your tooth has prolonged sensitivity to hot or cold temperatures.
  • You have swelling and tenderness in your gums.
  • Your tooth has darkened or has other discoloration.

Once we’ve cleaned out the infection, we seal the tooth. We usually recommend the addition of a crown, to protect the tooth from becoming too brittle or from being re-infected. When the root canal is complete, you’ll have immediate relief from irritation and pain.

Oral Surgery

When it comes to full-service general dentistry, you can rely on the experience and knowledge of Dr. Ruiz and Dr. Fan. If you need an extraction, removal of impacted wisdom teeth, or dental implants, we can complete these oral surgeries, and others, at our East Brunswick family dentistry office. Your comfort is our primary concern, so if you need minor oral surgery, you’ll receive compassionate, quality care throughout your entire procedure.

Experience Modern Dental Care. We are glad you visited our website – now it’s time to visit our office! Call today to schedule your appointment with Dr. Ruiz or Dr. Fan. Conveniently located in East Brunswick, with easy access to Route 18, Route 1, and the Turnpike. We also extend our family and implant dentistry services to patients from Milltown, New Brunswick, Edison, Sayreville, Old Bridge, and surrounding areas.

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